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Sonic Tronics Inc / McDaniel :: * NI-STARTERS®

The NEW Ni-Starter now has a 3800ma NiMH battery. We have more than doubled the power.

Th e NI-STARTER is the original glow plug igniter designed for easy, reliable starting of glo fuel model engines. It locks onto the glow plug. Just push down, rotate, and it's locked onto the glow plug for hands free operation. It has a high capacity 3800ma NiMH power source and usually provides over a hundered starts off one full charge, based on 20 to 30 second normal starts.
The Metered NI-STARTER has a durable, shock resistant, dual faced amp meter to show the condition of your glow plug. When attached to your glow plug the meter will indicate plug condition, good or failed. This aids in determining the cause of many starting problems. The meter does not indicate the NI-STARTER charge condition.
NI-STARTER is available in three lengths and as a remote corded version. All are available with or without a meter or AC Charger. The remote corded NI-STARTER is supplied with a 1.5" PlugLock adapter tip. 2.5" and 3.5" PlugLock adapter tips are available separately. All versions of the NI-STARTER carry a 180 day warranty against defects in workmanship or the materials used. We further have an original ownership policy for the NI-STARTER beyond the warranty, contact us directly for the details

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